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Missions and Educational Objectives



The Graduate Institute of Immunology was founded in 2008. The faculty is involved in basic and clinical research into many areas of immune regulation in health and disease and has successfully maintained an exemplary leadership role in setting the national standards for care, research and education. The department aims to provide a complete training to students in critical thinking, in critiquing and learning from research in immunology, in asking questions, organizing scientific findings and development of various fields of medical Science


  1. The Graduate Institute of Immunology offers an integrated curriculum that teaches students the current knowledge base in immunology and applied to clinical immunology research.
  2. It will also prepare the students to learn skills for oral presentation and writing in medical journals.
  3. Also enhances their ability to be independent researchers equipped with the ability to design experiments, to critique scientific data and to solve problems related to research.


  1. To establish the Chinese herbs research and advance our understanding of fundamental immunology in disease pathogenesis and therapy.
  2. Research being performed by Graduate Institute of Immunology faculty is aimed at determining the molecular basis for stem cell.
  3. Particular areas of emphasis in clinically oriented research of faculty in this cancer immunology.
  4. Faculty research projects cover a diverse range of topics, including development of vaccine to defenses disease


  1. The Institute will continue to organized a new medical research teams and educate graduates well qualified to renovate existing education.
  2. The facility is well equipped to do basic and clinical immunology research and research space to support its future growth and expansion.
  3. The Institute collaborated with other institutes to conduct research and are going to establish a highly reputation in the near future.
  4. The Institute will continuous build well-equipped laboratories and initiate a new graduate program designed to train Ph.D. students in 3-5 years.
  5. The Institute will help the students to join international conferences to understand outside research area.
  6. Our association with the National Health Research Institute aspect our program with facilities and opportunities for development vaccine. Training programs, joint and adjunct members with available in our program.